Parks and Gardens

Southern Wine Route

Here on the Southern Wine Route, the mild climate supports both lush vineyards and true garden paradises. 

Garden markets, such as Maikammer’s large Palatinate Garden Market in August, open their gates and the Rose Days in May and June welcome you to the Bad Bergzabern region. Besides these events, private garden owners from the Palatinate and the Alsace also invite you to explore their gardens. Enter these oases and enjoy the southern climate, talk shop with garden owners, and revel in the beauties of nature.



Kräutergarten Klostermühle

Landesgartenschau 2015 Landau
Landesgartenschau 2015 Landau

Subtropical park Gleisweiler

The 150-year-old subtropical park in Gleisweiler is also worth a visit. Its plethora of plants can hardly be topped. Here, you will find a diverse flora consisting of redwood trees (44 m high), false cypresses, trees of heaven, palm trees, and many other exotic varieties.




Bad Bergzabern’s spa garden

Nestled between Wonneberg and Liebfrauenberg and built according to the style of a landscape park in 1955, Bad Bergzabern’s spa garden (Kurpark) is another highlight among the region’s parks and gardens. Here you can water treading in the Kneipp-pool and dew walking on the wide, surrounding meadows. Visit the herb gardens designed according to the principles of Sebastian Kneipp and Jacobus Theodorus and admire the Mediterranean garden. The miniature golf course and the “Haus des Gastes” restaurant are two more features of the garden that allow you to unwind.



Landesgartenschau Landau

Parks & Gardens

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Almond grove above Birkweiler

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Ostpark Landau

Landau in der Pfalz
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