Parks and Gardens

Southern Wine Route

Idyllic parks and gardens invite you to explore the impressive and colourful variety of the magnificent gardens and parks along the Southern Wine Route. How about a stroll through one of the idyllic parks to discover and enjoy little paradises? Find your green destination.

Oases in the city

Spacious parks form a green belt around Landau's city centre. Goethe Park, Schiller Park, Savoy Park, North Park, South Park and the Kreuzgarten invite you to take a walk and recharge your batteries from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Here you can leave everyday life behind for a while before returning to the lively city centre.


Lavendel im Kräutergarten Klostermühle Edenkoben

Herbs in the air

Culinary delights are as much a part of the Palatinate way of life as wine. Delicately seasoned dishes are served throughout the region - and the right herbs are not to be missed.
Nature lovers and hobby cooks will find a particularly idyllic gem of garden art in the area of the parish garden in Kirrweiler. The versatile herb garden is now home to rare medicinal and culinary herbs and exudes a wonderful fragrance.
The centrepiece of the garden is a mosaic created by Carl Theodor Schultz. The "Fehrnsehpfarrer" (= TV minister), who became famous in the 1960s, was not only the head of the parish, but also of the herb garden belonging to the church.


Biblical plants

It is the largest of its kind in Central Europe and has been lovingly run and maintained since 1999 - the Bible Garden in St. Martin. Around the church and its grounds are plants that are mentioned in the Bible.
For example, acanthus, pomegranate, olive tree and Atlantic terebinth thrive on the slopes of the church. In keeping with the region, the typical wine cannot be missing here.
Significant plants come from all over Europe, creating a special biodiversity. But international nurseries and gardens have also supported and enriched the St. Martin's Bible Garden.


Weinberge bei Sonnenuntergang

Healthy walking according to Kneipp

A special garden highlight is the Kurpark (= spa park) in Bad Bergzabern, which was laid out in 1955 in the style of a landscape park.
It is nestled between Wonneberg and Liebfrauenberg and covers an area of around 70,000 square metres. A water treading pool with a spacious meadow area for dew treading, a herb garden according to Tabernea Montanus and Sebastian Kneipp as well as the Kneipp columns provide healthy variety.


Mediterranean garden flair

One example of the special climate with over 1,800 hours of sunshine a year is the Mediterranean Garden in Maikammer.
On more than 1,200 square metres, southern colours and scents compete for the attention of the senses. Visitors can expect to find more than 150 different plant species from various regions around the Mediterranean.
Figs, cypresses, rosemary, thyme, pistachios and olive trees all come together in this garden of the south. Idyllic seating areas invite you to linger and enjoy.



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