Zoos and animal parks

Animal experiences on the Southern Wine Route

Zoo Landau

A "beastly" nice visit

With an area of just under five hectares, it is one of the smaller scientifically run zoological gardens in Germany, yet a diverse and colourful crowd of around 800 animals in 110 species can be found on the grounds. A wide variety of monkey species, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish can be seen in the warm house. Siberian tigers, cheetahs, fur seals, penguins, flamingos and meerkats can be seen in the park. Large animal feedings are a daily part of the zoo's routine and a highlight for young and old alike. The zoo also offers a wide range of barrier-free services, for example wheelchairs and zoo guides in easy language are available for loan and several times a year there are special events for people with disabilities.

Streichelzoo Landau
Wild und Wanderpark

Silz Wildlife and Hiking Park

Get in contact with large and small animals of the forest...

Visitors can discover local animals in their natural habitat in the wildlife and hiking park near Silz. The "animal encounter" begins right behind the entrance at the petting enclosure with goats and rabbits. The park covers more than 100 hectares and is home to 400 animals from 15 European species. The game population is also large: mouflons, red and fallow deer, wolves and wild boars. A restaurant takes care of the physical well-being. Together with the large adventure playground, your visit to the game and hiking park will be an unforgettable experience!

Reptilium Landau

Get in contact with snakes, bearded dragons or spiders

Once in a lifetime, let a real tarantula run over your hand or feed a living snake? In Germany's largest reptile zoo - the Reptilium in Landau - more than 1,100 animals and more than 125 different species await visitors. Here, on a total of 3,400 square metres, guests can learn more about crocodiles, miniature frogs and many other prehistoric animals. Among other things, there is a house for nocturnal reptiles and large terrariums, each designed according to climate zones. Visitors can observe swamp crocodiles and water turtles, for example, even under water. Guided zoo tours and other highlights take place regularly, where participants learn interesting facts about the animals and how to handle them safely and appropriately from trained animal keepers - such as the zoo night with snake feeding.

Reptilium Landau

Zoos & Animal Parks at a glance

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