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The wanderer's happiness. It can be found here, on the Southern Wine Route. Because nature has been kind to us. Quiet meadow valleys and gently rounded vineyards, tranquil ponds and meandering streams and the largest contiguous forest area in Germany, the Palatinate Forest. UNESCO has declared it a biosphere reserve. With its excellent hiking trails, medieval castles and unique natural monuments.

German Wine Route Hiking Trail

Explore the Wine Route

On almost 100 km, you will experience the Wine Route with its varied landscape and fantastic views over the sea of vines. In addition to the typical wine landscape, you will always be accompanied by the foothills of the Palatinate Forest along the hiking trail. For refreshment, you can stop off at one of the rustic Palatinate Forest huts, for example, or stop off at one of the wine taverns, Straußwirtschaften or restaurants in the romantic winegrowing villages. Special sights such as Hambach Castle in Neustadt an der Weinstraße or Villa Ludwigshöhe in Edenkoben invite you to visit.

Keschdeweg Mandelpfad Wanderweg Deutsche Weinstraße
Wanderer auf dem Weinsteig

Pfälzer Weinsteig

From Dreamy Paths through Forest Passages and Sun-Drenched Trails in the Palatinate's Sea of Wines

The 172-kilometre-long Pfälzer Weinsteig begins in Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the border to Alsace and leads via Bad Bergzabern, Annweiler am Trifels, Neustadt and Bad Dürkheim through many tranquil winegrowing villages to Bockenheim on the northern edge of the Haardt. This hiking route offers alternating dreamy paths through entertaining forest passages and sun-drenched stages in the sea of vines. Many of Germany's best wines are produced along the way. When you stop for a break at vantage points such as Villa Ludwigshöhe and the 673-metre-high Kalmit, you can uncork a bottle or two. The impressive reward for hikers: the view as far as neighbouring Alsace and the Black Forest.

Pfälzer Hüttentour

True to the Motto: Hiking and Stopping for a Bite to Eat

Hikers will enjoy the tour from the sunny spots of the vineyards to the pleasantly cool shade of the Palatinate Forest.

On a total of 19 km, you can enjoy magnificent panoramas such as the view from the Orensfelsen rock or from the Sankt Anna chapel. It is also worth making a detour to the ruins of Neuscharfeneck Castle, where you will have to climb a total of 800 metres in altitude.

All the more welcome are the 5 huts along the way, which replenish your energy reserves with regional delicacies.


Pfälzer Hüttentour Trekking Award 2023

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