Pfälzer Hüttentour

This trail leads past five forest taverns, each with a panoramic terrace, as well as the Annakapelle and the viewpoint at Orensfelsen, all offering magnificent views over the Rhine Valley as well as the castles of Annweiler. Hiking as well as stopping for a refreshment is the motto of the Pfälzerhüttetour ..

(There is also a shorter version of the tour, where the Ringelsberghütte is not included. A

detailled description of the tour as well as GPS tracks can be found under "Hüttentour- shorter variant")

18,4 km
6:00 h
668 m
668 m
Wanderparkplatz in Albersweiler, Ortsteil St. Johann
Wanderparkplatz in Albersweiler, Ortsteil St. Johann


Route description

Our trek begins at the Wanderparkplatz Albersweiler-St. Johann and takes us to the edge of the village before going off to the left through the Schlossstraße. We follow the signs with a brown tavern icon on a yellow background and go past the Annahof walking between forests and vineyards until we reach Frankweiler. At the entrance to Frankweiler, we turn left into the forest.


From here it goes uphill to the Ringelsberghütte then downhill into the Hainbachtal and on to the St. Annakapelle. We cross the Hainbach in front of a large brick building. Behind it we turn right along the foot of the Kittenberg and through an avenue of lime trees in the spa town of Gleisweiler. Having reached the sanatorium in the Badstraße, we turn to the left following a right turn. We now walk uphill past the sanatorium grounds and into the forest to the Luitpoldplatz where we keep to the right.


The path leads us first in a northerly direction, then a right curve through the forest to the St. Annakapelle. The chapel, situated high above the Rhine valley on an extension of the Teufelsberg has attracted pilgrims for many centuries. After enjoying the view, we go a few yards further to the St. Anna-Hütte and turn there to the left. The trail now leads us through dense green vegetation to a view from the Trifelsblick-Hütte.

An information board tells us all we need to know about the landmarks now in sight. Even the Orensberg, which we will be climbing in the course of the tour, can be seen from here. First, however, we follow the path to the Dreimärker and the Landauer Hütte. We now go counterclockwise around the Orensberg passing the lookout point on the Orensfelsen and follow the familiar trail mark in the direction of the Naturfreundehaus Kiesbuckel and Albersweiler.


At the Naturfreundehaus we then follow the path downhill back to our starting point in Albersweiler-St.Johann.

Aussicht auf Burg Trifels und Annweiler (Dominik Ketz)
Aussichtspunkt Orensfelsen (Dominik Ketz)
Logo für Rücksicht und Naturschutz ()
Schönster Wanderweg - trekking Award 2023 (Julia Bergold)
St. Anna Kapelle bei Burrweiler (Dominik Ketz)
Ausblick Haardt (Dominik Ketz)
Abendstimmung (Dominik Ketz)
Pfälzer Hüttentour Queichtalblick (Christina Abele Verein Südliche Weinstrasse Annweiler am Trifels e.V.)
Terrasse an der Ringelsberghütte (Christina Abele Verein Südliche Weinstrasse Annweiler am Trifels e.V.)
Rast bei Albersweiler (Dominik Ketz)
Biosphärenreservat Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen (Dominik Ketz)


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