Palatine Almond Trail Hiking Tour

5-Day Package

When, in the early spring, rose-pink blossoms adorne the almond trees along the Almond Trail, simply follow the pink ribbon, from Bad Bergzabern to Neustadt through one of Germany's most beautiful wine landscapes. Afterwards, you will always desire to return whether in summer, autumn or winter.

Package includes

  • 4 nights with breakfast included
  • A wine tasting
  • Entrance to Hambach Castle
  • A train ride from Neustadt to Bad Bergzabern
  • Luggage transport
  • 1 souvenir
  • Detailed map material


anytime in early Spring 

Price per person

DR € 459 / SR € 589

5 days Palatine Almond Trail

From Bad Bergzabern to Neustadt - approx. 54 km

day 1: Arrival at the first hotel in Bad Bergzabern
day 2: Bad Bergzabern to Siebeldingen, 22 km
day 3: Siebeldingen to Edenkoben - 19 km
day 4: Edenkoben to Neustadt - 13 km
day 5: Departure from Neustadt


Upgrade your tour

Lunch Package

On request, you can book our lunch package service for refreshment during your day tours! The lunch packages are lovingly assembled by your hosts and vary in their design.

Contents: Sandwich, fruit, vegetables, something sweet, a drink

Price: €12 per person/day

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