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"Holiday in the south"? We have something for you.

Friends of good wine and regional delicacies, active holidaymakers and sports fans, hobby historians or those seeking relaxation - they all get their money's worth during a visit to the Southern Wine Route. Here you will find experiences of the southern kind. Whatever you want from your holiday or adventure weekend, we have packed your wishes into perfectly organised all-inclusive offers. That takes a lot of the hassle off your shoulders. 

Browse our fantastic vacation packages here to start planning your own trip to the Southern Wine Route.

Travelling with caution: climate-friendly travel

Enjoying travelling and protecting the climate at the same time - this does not have to be mutually exclusive. You don't necessarily need your own car to be mobile on the Southern Wine Route. From the railway network to hiking buses to car-sharing electric cars - you are sure to find your suitable climate-friendly means of transport here. For example, the trains run every hour from 7 am in the morning until 11 pm in the evening, every day ( more information on arrival & public transport).

By the way: As a small thank you for your climate-friendly journey to one of our packages, we will give you a voucher for a wine gift from an organic or sustainable winegrower when you travel by public transport. Book your ticket conveniently.

Hiking | Vacation Packages

Hiking on special trails, stress-free thanks to luggage transport

Hiking Tour German Wine Route

Discover the German Wine Route from Grünstadt to Wissembourg, France.

Hiking Tour Pfälzer Keschdeweg

Discover an incredible hiking paradise.

Palatine Almond Trail Hiking Tour

The 5-day package for the Palatine Almond Trail.

Rocks, Castles and Richard the Lionhearted

Discover impressive views, bizarre rock formations and castles.

Hiking Tour from Wine to Wine

Winery hopping on the Southern Wine Route!

Hiking Tour "Pfälzer Weinsteig"

Follow the long distance hiking trail along the Southern Wine Route!

Biking | Vacation Packages

Active on the road - enjoy the wine landscape with the wind in your face

Cycling Tour German Wine Route

Through vineyards and meadows our tour takes you past sights and fantastic…

Cycling Tour Forest, Wine, Savoir Vivre

Experience the most beautiful sides of the South Palatinate!

Chocolate Tour

Discover the diversity of chocolate, cakes and other sweets...

More Vacation Packages

Pleasurable vacations and special themed stays

Rose Almond Blossom Dream

Let yourself be enchanted!

Family Adventure

Hike, experience and enjoy with the whole family!

Tobacco in the Southern Palatinate

On the trail of tobacco in the Southern Palatinate.

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