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The TOP 15 on the Southern Wine Route

Almond Blossom in the Palatinate

Spring starts earlier on the Southern Wine Route than elsewhere: in March, the lush blossoms of the almond trees already light up the region and dip it in a delicate pink.
The start of spring and the almond blossom are celebrated with numerous events as part of the Palatinate Almond Weeks. The start of spring and the almond blossom are celebrated with numerous events as part of the Palatinate Almond Weeks. Visitors can also look forward to a fairytale-like production at the "Pink Glow", which accompanies the almond blossom.


From the Keschdeweg to the Keschdefeschd: In autumn, the time of the sweet chestnut, the so-called "Keschdezeit", is celebrated extensively on the Southern Wine Route. As a supporting programme around the Palatinate "Keschde" (=chestnuts), there are plenty of wine and Federweißen festivals for locals and guests.


Trekking in the Palatinate Forest

Trekking - sounds like an adventure, wilderness and seclusion in faraway countries. In view of the many well-developed hiking trails and huts in the Palatinate Forest, you wouldn't think of Germany or even the Palatinate at first. There are now 15 trekking sites where you can experience nature adventures in the Palatinate Forest and Palatinate Mountains. And you don't have to go far off the beaten track to have the feeling of being all alone in the forest with fox and deer.

Hiking on Premium Trails

On the certified hiking trails through the vineyards and the Palatinate Forest: insiders have known the Southern Wine Route as a hiker's paradise for years. On the Palatinate Wine Trail, for example, nature enthusiasts hike a total of 172 kilometres of mysterious forest paths with springy, sandy soils, idyllic little villages and vineyards. The Palatinate Forest Trail with its nine stages begins in Kaiserslautern and ends in Schweigen-Rechtenbach after 144 kilometres of lush greenery, bizarre rock formations and romantic castles.

Huts in the Palatinate Forest

With Palatinate specialities, the managed huts in the Palatinate Forest invite you to replenish your energy reserves during or after a hike. By the way, the cabin culture in the Palatinate Forest has been a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage since 2021!

The Palatinate Cabin Tour

Hiking and stopping for a bite to eat is the motto of this challenging Palatinate cabin tour. On a total of 19 km, you can enjoy magnificent panoramas such as the view from the Orensfelsen rock or from the Sankt Anna chapel. It is also worth making a detour to the ruins of Neuscharfeneck Castle. All the more welcome are the 5 cabins along the way, which invite you to stop for regional delicacies.

Trifels Castle

The Kaiserburg Trifels (Trifels Emperor's Castle) gives its name to what is probably the best-known castle complex in Trifelsland. At an altitude of 494 metres, Emperor Barbarossa's favourite castle is enthroned on the highest of the three conical castle mountains above Annweiler. Probably the most famous prisoner at Trifels was the English King Richard the Lionheart. Today you can visit Trifels and the replicas of the imperial regalia on display here.

Villa Ludwigshöhe

Villa Ludwigshöhe Castle, built by King Ludwig I, lies between the towns of Edenkoben and Rhodt unter Rietburg. Amidst the picturesque surroundings, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Rhine plain. In addition to exploring the rooms in the classicist style, you can also visit the Max Slevogt Gallery.

Note: The castle is currently closed for extensive renovation work.

The German Wine Gate

The German Wine Gate in Schweigen-Rechtenbach marks the beginning of the German Wine Route.
Located nearby the French border, the neoclassical building offers a unique view over the Southern Palatinate on the one hand and Alsace on the other.

Museum in Herxheim

The barrier-free museum presents permanent exhibitions on the topics of the Neolithic Age and recent local history on more than 400 square metres, as well as changing special exhibitions on archaeological and cultural history topics. The everyday life of the Neolithic Age is illuminated as well as the exciting story of the destruction ritual staged here and its research. In addition, interesting facts about the history of tobacco cultivation in the Southern Palatinate and the benefits of tobacco are presented.

Südpfalz-Therme Spa Bad Bergzabern

All-round relaxation: spoil your body and soul in the warm thermal water and recharge your batteries. From the thermal pools to the salt grotto and the regionally designed themed saunas with a variety of cooling options such as Kneipp hoses, ice fountains or the adventure shower, the Südpfalz Therme invites you to linger.

The SÜW Picnic

Enjoyment between forest, wine and meadows: How about a romantic picnic in a quiet spot in the middle of the forest, with a breathtaking view, in the closest circle of loved ones in the middle of the vineyard or in a dreamy little garden? After a hike in the Palatinate Forest or through the vineyards, numerous picnic spots entice you to linger in unknown places.

Storks on the Queich Meadows

Every year, a true natural spectacle can be observed on the Queich meadows: Up to 400 storks gather at the Queich in summer, and the first can be spotted as early as February. The storks can be observed in their natural habitat along the specially designated stork hiking trails or by bike along the stork tour.

Silz Wildlife and Hiking Park

Visitors can discover local animals in their natural habitat in the wildlife and hiking park near Silz. In the petting zoo, goats and rabbits are waiting for the little visitors, fallow deer and red deer roam the area and you can even watch the wolves being fed. A restaurant takes care of the physical well-being. The park is open all year round.

alla hopp! - Adventure playgrounds

Edenkoben and Ilbesheim: The all hopp! adventure playgrounds offer exercise and play facilities ranging from exercise trails and children's playgrounds to natural playgrounds and exercise areas. Here, young and old can move, keep physically fit and relax as they wish. The facilities are freely accessible and can be used free of charge.

alla hopp! facility in Ilbesheim

Ilbesheim b. Landau The alla hopp! facility in Ilbesheim is a place to…

alla-hopp!- Anlage Edenkoben

Edenkoben Natural playground and exercise area for children, school…

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