1. Kneipplehrpfad Bad Bergzabern

Bad Bergzabern

Kneipp-Verein Bad Bergzabern e.V.

Kneipp-Verein Bad Bergzabern e.V.
Kurtalstr. 2
76887 Bad Bergzabern

Phone : (0049) 6343 9450


Bad Bergzabern is highly rated as a "Kneipp spa and climatic health resort". Sebastin Kneipp was impressed by Bergzabern as a health-giving natural idyll during a lecture tour in 1896. After the creation of the medicinal herb garden in 2003, the Kneipp nature trail, which was inaugurated in May 2004 on the 183rd birthday of Sebastian Kneipp, introduced visitors to natural medicine, the teachings of the 5 health pillars according to Kneipp. It illustrates and deepens Kneipp's concern of activating the healing powers of nature and self-healing at 5 stations in the forest and meadows.

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