Cabbage and Beets 2018

So schmeckt die Südpfalz

In 2018, everything went around the topic “back to the roots” where cabbage and beets were in the focus.


Winner of the Public's Favourite prize 2018 - Kapeller Hopfestubb

Opened in 1989, the restaurant with terrace invites you to relax. Chef Marc Wendel relies on fresh local produce and serves seasonal and regional dishes. His specialty: homemade pasta. In his opinion, every good meal includes a matching wine - his two passions. His philosophy: to experience and enjoy the Palatinate with all the senses in a Mediterranean way.


Kapeller Hopfestubb
Obere Hauptstrasse 8
D-76889 Kapellen-Drusweiler
phone: +49 6343 - 8245 

Dessert im Restaurant Hopfestub

Winner of the Geheimtipp prize 2018 - Restaurant im Kurhaus Trifels

Fertige Speisen im Kurhaus Trifels

The restaurant at the Kurhaus Trifels relies on innovative and regional cuisine and attaches utmost importance to the quality of the ingredients - if possible, from organic and regionl farms. The fascinating history of the Kurhaus Trifels and the quiet and idyllic location give the restaurant a unique character.




Restaurant im Kurhaus Trifels 
Kurhausstr. 25
D-76855 Annweiler-Bindersbach
phone: +49 6346 - 308860 

Winner of the Jury Prize category restaurants 2018 - Zur Krone

In 2015, Kerstin Bettioui came back to South Palatinate from her adopted home, the USA, with her husband Faycal.

Faycal, a passionate cook, worked at high-end restaurants in Miami before successfully implementing his knowledge and inborn skills in the creation of exquisite dishes in his own establishment. His reputation as an expert in regional cuisine has now proved its worth in "Good Old Germany". Zur Krone offers ist guests fresh products and culinary delights of elevated cuisine in a stylish and modernized setting.


Zur Krone
Hauptstraße 25
76777 Neupotz
phone: +49 7272 - 9337845 

Fertiges Gericht

Winner of the Jury Prize category guesthouses 2018 - Weinstube Brennofen

Speisen im Brennofen

The Weinstube Brennofen is divided into four different areas, some of which have modern and other traditional furniture. Just as the rooms cleverly combine the proven and the new, the kitchen offers seasonal delicacies as well as traditional Palatine fare. The kitchen style of Riccardo Schatz is a mix of fresh and creative cuisine, which is focused on the essentials but at the same time is full of inspirations.

Furthermore, in-house wines are on the wine list. The Weinstube Brennofen is a place for connoisseurs and wine lovers who are looking for a little break from everyday life.


Weinstube Brennofen
Wildgasse 5
D-76831 Ilbesheim
phone: +49 6341 - 32215 

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