Rhine, Forest and Wine

The Palatinate

From the plains of the Rhine River to the hills of the Palatine Uplands, the Palatinate and its ever-changing landscape invite you to take part in a wide range of activities during your stay.

A network of easy-to-ride bike trails runs through the Palatine Rhine Plain, taking you through farms and half-timbered villages in a region known for growing vegetables and tobacco. The Rhine, with Speyer’s imperial cathedral and Germersheim’s unique fortress on its banks, is never far away.

In the west, you will reach the Palatine Wine Country by way of the German Wine Route. Many picturesque wine villages and significant wine cities, such as Landau and Neustadt, are nestled in the vineyard landscape characterized by its gentle hills and a favorable climate. Winery ruins from the Roman period, family vineyards run for generations, wine festivals and many wellness opportunities such as wellVINess emphasize that wine is the center of life here.

Farther out west, you can discover Germany’s largest forest area, the Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve. Here, tranquil hiking trails wend their seemingly endless way through nature, quaint lodges hide between trees, unusual rock formations shape the scenery and castle ruins overlook leafy woodlands. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, you will find it here. The Uplands of Northwestern Palatinate, with a countryside defined by the Donnersberg mountain and many other hills, offer another hideaway to slow down time. Children in particular will have a lot of fun at the draisine railway in the Kuseler Musikantenland region. In addition, you can discover remnants from Celtic times at the Donnersberg. And of course, numerous lovingly arranged museums and the valley of the Glan and Alsenz rivers provide even more options for things to do.

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