German Wine Route

Germany’s First Touristic Wine Route – 85 Kilometers of Enjoyment Shaped by Vines and Wines

A serene wine country, rich fruit plantations, the Palatinate Forest with its idyllic valleys and murmuring brooks and a Mediterranean climate – this is the German Wine Route.
Whether Germany’s first wine route for tourists starts in the north near Bockenheim in lower Rhenish Hesse and ends in the south at the German Wine Gate (Deutsches Weintor) in Schweigen by the Alsace region, or the other way around is the subject of an academic debate. It is up to you where you would like to begin your travels and where you decide to make a stop.

The German Wine Route is divided into Mittelhaardt, which extends from Bockenheim to Neustadt, and the Southern Wine Route, reaching from Maikammer to Schweigen-Rechtenbach.
If you decide to travel by car, many of the route’s charming towns and villages invite you to slow down to walking speed as you drive through. Or you can just park your car and visit these places on foot!
The German Wine Route Bike Trail (Radweg Deutsche Weinstraße) as well as the German Wine Route Hiking Trail (Wanderweg Deutsche Weinstraße) run parallel to the wine route, giving you the option to explore the region more actively.

Whether you bike along vines, hike between forest cabins or through wine villages, stroll down the alleys of the old towns or try our wine country’s unique wellness options – there is an abundance of ways to relax and spend your leisure time.
Come and visit the German Wine Route!

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