Weingut Doppler-Hertel


Weingut Doppler-Hertel

Weingut Doppler-Hertel
76879 Essingen

Phone : (0049) 6347 8250
Fax : (0049) 6347 6080506


The 'Boulevard of Paradise' is the title of a well-known newspaper and refers to our beautiful Palatinate - where the Wine Route winds its way through the lush sea of vines, where almonds, figs and chestnuts grow alongside wine and where the Palatinate's joie de vivre can be experienced at countless wine festivals. Yes, it is more than just a job when we work in our vineyards. It is both a privilege and a responsibility to be allowed to cultivate such a charming natural landscape and a wonderful feeling to be part of such a historical wine culture. We draw from these resources when we pursue our profession with pleasure, passion and dedication. And you can taste it: authentic, hand-picked and with an individual biography. This is how we manage to bring South Palatinate enjoyment, exuberance and joie de vivre to the remotest corners.

Our vineyards and our wines have determined family life for 5 generations. Even today, every age group contributes to the family's success to the best of its ability. Every move is right from pruning the vines in spring to harvesting the grapes in late autumn and from the first drop of fresh juice dripping from the wine press to the last bottle of wine running from the filling belt. This should remain so! Traditional knowledge, acquired skills and accumulated experience are our greatest legacy, which we strive to build on. This also requires the younger generation. They motivate us with their curiosity, inspire us with their impartiality, confront us with modern zeitgeist and thus enrich our family tradition in an invaluable way.

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