Local wine bar "Weinkammer" in Maikammer


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Ortsvinothek Weinkammer Maikammer

Ortsvinothek Weinkammer Maikammer
Marktstraße 8
67487 Maikammer

Phone : +49 6321 95 23 150


There are many vinotheques, but Maikammer's "wine chamber" is unique in its name and location. Maikammer's "cellar children" have found a worthy and representative home in the community's town hall, a stately Renaissance building in the center of the village that is protected as a historic monument. The local vinotheque offers a wide variety of local cellar art. Five products from each of 21 wineries are represented here. Culinary delicacies, snacks and finger food are served to accompany the wines, sparkling wines and brandies. The operator will be happy to organize an accompanying program with special offers, such as wine events, themed wine tastings and much more. Maikammer has had a cultural center for years with its community center, which is now complemented by wine culture.

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