Schlossstrasse 14
67489 Kirrweiler

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The prince-bishop's moated castle, together with its partially preserved outbuildings such as the Edelhof, the stables and the conductor's workshop (= Schlössel), formed a separate district within Kirrweiler that had to be defended separately.

The actual Marienburg - with its courtyard of honour and Renaissance garden - was located to the south of today's properties at Schloßstraße 14 a and 16 and was also accessible from the conductor's workshop (today's Schlössel) via a leather suspension bridge.

Today's Schlössel was built in 1768 according to the plans of master builder Leonard Stahl and included the prince-bishop's tithe cellar, which was already built in 1505. It was here that the wine tithes of the Deidesheim, Edesheim and Marientraut offices were delivered.

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