Staying in the Forest

The Southern Wine Route in the lower Palatinate region offers abundant possibilities for your vacation:

Apart from our excellent hotels and vacation homes, the nearby Palatinate Forest also lets you discover nature in a different, new way: Why don't you stay in the forest? Nowhere else in Germany you will find so many cabins linked by such a dense network of trails as here in the Palatinate Forest. Most of our cabins are managed by volunteers such as the members of the Palatine Forest Club (Pfälzerwaldverein) or other nature Lovers. All this contributes to the region's quaint and cozy ambiance.




Trekking im Pfälzerwald
Wanderer auf dem Trekkingplatz


Moreover, avid backpackers wanting to escape the clutches of civilization can set out into unspoiled nature when the Palatinate Forest opens its ten camping sites from April through October. These sites make every backpacker's outdoor adventure perfect. They are preserved in their natural state, equipped with a fire pit and a simple outhouse, and offer space for up to six smaller-sized tents.


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Huts with service

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Schweizer Haus

Weyher in der Pfalz
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