Mountain bike tour 8 Annweiler am Trifels (Annweiler-Süd)

At the beginning we cycle through the historic town of Annweiler and then, after a short uphill stretch, past the Meisenbrunnen (Tit Fountain) into the village of Sarnstall. On a side road we come to Rinnthal. Now we continue on a forest road up a longer ascent, followed by a descent on an easy path, which leads us to the small village of Spirkelbach. There we cross the village and ride on the opposite side of a forest road towards Ochsenborn, then at the top we turn right onto a trail. There are a few serpentines to negotiate on this narrow path. First on a forest track and then on a side road, the route continues to Lug and then also partly on a cycle path to Schwanheim. Here it is a short climb up to the Schwanheimer Wasgau Hütte. There would also be an opportunity for a break to stock up on Palatinate delicacies. We now cycle on a beautiful forest path to Darstein, then cycle under the Lindelbrunn ruins. Here we recommend briefly leaving the mountain bike park and visiting the medieval castle ruins. From this rock castle you also have a panoramic view of the Palatinate Forest. The route continues up and down to Silz. There we pass the Silzer See lake and, after passing through the village, cycle up the Roman path. Below the Hundsfelsen, the route now leads to the Treutelskopf. There you have a beautiful low view of the surrounding mountains, and the benches invite you to take a short rest. Then we continue to a loop above Klingenmünster. First we cycle down a nice long hillside trail, only briefly interrupted by a forest road crossing. The trail then flattens out to Landeck Castle. The medieval castle has a lot to offer: be sure to plan a little time here. After the castle, we ride up on a wide forest road to return to the normal loop via the Treutelskopf.

After a short descent, we go back up via Waldhambach and Waldrohrbach, over the climbers' hut and along a narrow path to Bindersbach. There we follow the side road and return via the Kurpark to the railway station in Annweiler.

51,4 km
4:00 h
1353 m
1353 m
Annweiler am Trifels railway station, Bahnhofstraße, 76855 Annweiler
Annweiler am Trifels railway station, Bahnhofstraße, 76855 Annweiler


Route description

Annweiler railway station - side road via main road/B10 on forest road to Sarnstall - cycle path/side road Rinnthal - forest road ascent and descent via Alte Rödern to Spirkelbach. Departure via Alte Rödern to Spirkelbach - main road - Pirminius cycle path - forest road towards Ochsenborn - serpentine trail descent - farm track - road to Lug - Schwanheim cycle path - forest road - L490 - towards Kochelstein to Darstein - Lindelbrunn - watermill -  Trail - cycle path - Silzer See - Silz - through town - Römerpfad driveway - Kahler Kopf - Treutelskopf - trail descent - forest road - Burg Landeck - Treutelskopf driveway - farm road - Waldhambach - Waldrohrbach - forest road - B48 - August Becker Weg - Bindersbach - Annweiler spa park - Annweiler railway station

Aussicht Südliche Weinstrasse / Haardtrand (Andreas Meyer, World of MTB)
Biker auf Singletrail Tour 8 (Adrian Greiter Photodesign
Mountainbiker auf einem Trail (Christoph Riemeyer, c-sign)
Mountainbiker im Wald (Christoph Riemeyer, c-sign)
Logo der Kampagne UFFBASSE! der Pfalz.Touristik (Pfalz.Touristik)


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