Kraut und Rüben Cycle Route

The themed agricultural cycling route runs from Bockenheim through the vineyards of the Palatinate and the Upper Rhine Plain to Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the German-French border. It passes countless vineyards, corn fields and tobacco plantations, orchards and vegetable crops. The route allows cyclists to trace the agricultural process from production through to marketing and enjoyment of delicious culinary fare. There are plenty of farms along the route to provide a first-hand experience of agriculture, but not only that – official partners known as “Kraut und Rüben Cycle Route Stations” serve up typical regional produce and specialities.  All member farms have a turnip logo on their sign.

There is plenty to discover, both on and off the route, such as the rope course in the Fun Forest Adventure Park in Kandel, and Kakteenland in Steinfeld, which is home to more than 1 million different cacti.

The predominantly flat terrain means that this cycle route is extremely family-friendly and is also recommended for recreational cyclists. A special Kraut und Rüben Cycle Route activity day is organised on the second Sunday in June each year.

139,7 km
8:00 h
358 m
318 m


Route description

From the starting point, the House of the German Wine Route in Bockenheim, the cycle route leads south through Grünstadt and Großkarlbach to Freinsheim, which has a lovingly restored town wall. It continues via Weisenheim am Sand, Friedelsheim and Niederkirchen to Haßloch, famous for its Holiday Park theme park. From here, it heads through the wine villages of Lachen-Speyerdorf and Duttweiler to Altdorf, where the cycle route branches east and continues towards the Rhine Plain. In Schwegenheim, the path turns again to the south-west and passes through Zeiskam and Offenbach an der Queich to Herxheim bei Landau.  Passing tobacco plantations and vegetable crops, the cycle route continues via Kandel and Steinfeld to the German Wine Gate in Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the German-French border. 

Radeln durch die Südpfalz (Christian Ernst)
Da geht es zum nächsten Hofladen (Christian Ernst)
Uffbasse - Für Rücksicht und Naturschutz ()
Radeln entlang von Gemüsefeldern (Christian Ernst)
Hist. Rathaus Bild 1 ()
Mühle Großkarlbach 2_PeterDell (Peter Dell)
Böbingen_Kirche (Ortsgemeinde Böbingen)
Wiesenlandschaft bei Bellheim mit Störchen ()
Der Hof des Museum in Herxheim. ()
Am Plätzel Kandel, Fachwerk und St. Georgskirche ()
Schwanenweiher Kandel ()
Klettern in den Baumkronen des Bienwaldes (AbenteuerPark Kandel)
Minfeld ()
Minfeld prot. Kirche ()
Dampfnudeltor Freckenfeld ()
Rathaus Freckenfeld ()
Weinrebe ()


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