Forsthaus Annweiler Rundwanderweg 3 to the Kirschfelsen

On the opposite side of the Annweiler forester's lodge, we leave the hikers' car park on the hiking trail straight ahead. A level path leads from the hikers' car park to the cherry rock. There you have a wonderful panoramic view over the Palatinate Forest, like in the cinema. There is also a shelter there.

We turn our backs on the view and turn right onto a zigzag path. We hike downhill and follow marker 3 to the next refuge, the Rotsuhlerhütte. Now we turn left and hike on a comfortable trail back to the starting point at the Annweilerer Forsthaus.

If you want to hike a little longer, you can descend into the Eiderbach valley and discover the original valley with circular trail 5. Another beautiful vantage point is on the Eiderberg above the Annweiler Forsthaus on circular trail 4. 


UFFBASSE! - Campaign for considerate interaction in nature   

  • Always behave in a forward-looking, friendly and considerate manner towards everyone you meet along the way.   
  • Respect nature, do not destroy plants and always stay on the paths. Try to avoid excessive noise and leave the forest before dusk.   
  • Remember to bring a rubbish bag for the road and take rubbish home with you.   
  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times. Other visitors and animals will thank you.   
  • For your own safety, observe all road closures, even at weekends.   
  • Park only in designated parking areas. Leave space for emergency vehicles and agricultural machinery.   
  • Please give priority to agricultural and forestry traffic.

5,3 km
1:30 h
114 m
117 m
Hikers' car park at the Annweiler Forsthaus
Hikers' car park at the Annweiler Forsthaus


Route description

The hike starts at the Annweiler forester's lodge. Leave the forester's lodge via the hikers' car park and turn slightly right into the forest. The level path leads through a sparse forest to the cherry rock. Here you have to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view at length. There are also rest areas and a refuge hut here. Those who use the low-barrier path hike back the same way from here.

With the view behind you, the circular trail leads down a zigzag path on the right to the Rotsuhlerhütte, another refuge on the trail. Here we keep to the left and walk back on level paths to the starting point at the Annweiler Forsthaus.

Ausblick Kirschfelsen (Dominik Ketz)
Logo für Rücksicht und Naturschutz ()
Schutzhütte am Kirschfelsen (Dominik Ketz)
Blick am Kirschfelsen (Dominik Ketz)
Weg zum Kirschfelsen (Christina Abele Verein Südliche Weinstrasse Annweiler am Trifels e.V.)
Kirschfelsen im Winter (Christina Abele Verein Südliche Weinstrasse Annweiler am Trifels e.V.)


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