Biblical Wine Trail to Kirrweiler

The Biblical Wine Trail leads along easily passable, level paths, which can also be easily mastered by people with a handicap. The first four stelae (Grape Vine and Bible, The Tree of Life, Vineyard - People of God, The Boar) are each on the left of the path directly behind the Lady Chapel. The fifth stele (Jesus - the Vine) is a little further on the right side. After that the path turns to the left. Just before the highway there is the sixth stele (Water of Life - Blood of the Vine), where the path then turns left. Shortly after, the path turns left again to the seventh stele (Danger of Life). To the eighth stele (peace) it goes straight on. Then the path turns right to the ninth stele (Wine and Love). On the right side of the path you will find the tenth and eleventh stele (The Wedding of Cana, the Last Supper). At the Lebanon cedar, the path turns left again towards the Chapel of the Virgin Mary. Just before the chapel is the last stele (Heaven).

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2,6 km
2:30 h
13 m
13 m
Marienkapelle (Chapel of the Virgin Mary), Friedhofstraße, 67489 Kirrweiler
Marienkapelle (Chapel of the Virgin Mary), Friedhofstraße, 67489 Kirrweiler


Ausblick auf das Hambacher Schloß ()
Schöne Aussichten ()
Ausblick auf Kirrweiler ()
Stele No 12 "Der Himmel" ()
Stele No 1 "Wein-Stock und Bibel" ()
Marienkapelle ()
Alter Wagen ()


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