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Katholische Kirche

Katholische Kirche
Schulstraße 2
76831 Göcklingen


On the site of today's St. Laurentiuskirche there was already a parish church, which was first mentioned in a document in 1492. However, this became dilapidated over the years and much too small for the growing community and therefore had to give way for a new church at the end of the 18th century.

The current church was built in 1791 in classicist style and is the largest of the three churches in Göcklingen. In the following century, it was subjected to some looters during the French Revolution and in 1869 to a lightning strike that set the tower on fire. But the Göcklingen community constantly renovated the church and also had a new tower built. Inside the church, three altars from a monastery in Weißenburg stand out. Revolutionary groups had taken them out of the monastery to burn them on the streets. A carpenter bought the altars to allegedly turn the wood into furniture. Instead, however, he sold them to the Göcklingen community, but without altarpieces, which have since been lost. The new altarpieces were painted in 1883-85 by the Munich painter Prof. Schraudolph and his son in the style of the Nazarenes.

They show in the middle St. Lawrence, who burned in Rome around 300, on the right St. Nepomuk, who was drowned in Prague around 1500, and on the left the Altar of Mary. In addition, the grave slab of the noble woman Yenifer von Bernek, who died in 1460, impresses. The panel was found in 1973 while removing the floor and is relatively well preserved. The church with churchyard is surrounded by a Gothic churchyard wall. The church is one of the cultural monuments of the place.

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