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We start at the historic vineyard next to the chapel in Alsterweiler with a look back at the former winegrowing and also visit the late Gothic altarpieces in the chapel with the patron saint of doctors (Cosmos) and the patron saint of nurses (Damian).

The following vineyard hike is about health and sustainability and climate-friendly wine growing and cultivation. At a resting place within sight of the adjacent Pfälzerwald biosphere reserve, we taste an organic wine from the surrounding "Alsterweiler Kappelberg" vineyard.

Along meadow orchards and the renaturalised course of the Kropsbach we reach the second tasting station, the Maikammer Heiligenberg vineyard, with a fantastic view over the Rhine Graben. The way back takes us past former mills that were powered by the Kropsbach. Finally, we taste another future wine, a Cabarnet Sauvignon, at a rest stop on the outskirts of Maikammer.


22.08.2024 · 10:30
  • Do 10:30 Uhr

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