Winefestival in Mühlhofen



The Mühlhofen Wine Festival is celebrated every year on the last weekend in July in various pretty wine-growing estates.
The birth of this festival, which is popular far beyond the region's borders, goes back to the 1000-year celebration in 1991, when thousands of guests visited the historical town. visited the historic town.

Individuality and cosiness are the focus of this wine festival. Entertainment is provided by varied live music in almost all the courtyard taverns. A special highlight is the "Mühlhofer Musikhappening". Numerous regional and national music groups meet this weekend in Mühlhofen, one of four districts of Billigheim-Ingenheim, and offer a colourful stage programme ranging from rock to soul to good German Schlager.

But not only music fans will get their money's worth. Mühlhofen also caters for the visitors' desire to stroll between the wines, to have a chat and to celebrate a reunion with old acquaintances.

Welcome to the wine festival in Mühlhofen! CHEERS! THE PALATINATE!


26.07. - 29.07.2024 · 00:00
  • Mo
  • Fr–So

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Ortsgemeinde Billigheim-Ingenheim

Marktstraße 29, 76831 Billigheim-Ingenheim

(0049) 6349 9630356



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