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At the edge of the forest, on the chestnut blossom square, the chestnut blossom festival is celebrated in June. As early as 1960, a few brave citizens had the idea of a street festival and set up the event, virtually from scratch. In the course of the following years the blossom festival became bigger and bigger and gained high regional importance. In order to accommodate the large crowds, a special square was built on the edge of the forest for the festival.

This is where the Chestnut Blossom Festival has been held ever since. In the following years, many new wine festivals were established in the area, and the tendency of visitors also changed. The trend went away from large tents to wine farms. This led to the fact that the festival was organized in 1999 for the last time for the time being. But the association "Interessengemeinschaft Kastanienblütenfest e.V." has ended the slumber and kissed the blossom festival awake again for the 50th anniversary. In a cozy atmosphere, under the open sky or small tents, surrounded by chestnut trees, is now celebrated again since 2010.

Thanks to the support of the citizens of Frankweil and their guests, the "Keschdebliedefescht" has since become firmly established and is once again part of the regional festival culture.

So spend a few cozy hours at the chestnut blossom festival in Frankweiler. Let yourself be spoiled, surrounded by chestnut trees. The "Keschdebliedler" invite you and are looking forward to your visit.

Welcome to the chestnut blossom festival in Frankweiler! CHEERS! THE PALATINATE!


25.05. - 26.05.2024 · 00:00
  • Sa–So

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Interessengemeinschaft Kastanienblütenfest e.V.

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