Liederabend des GV "Liedertafel Weisenheim am Sand

Weisenheim am Sand


"HURRA, we are singing again!!!"

-Liederabend des GV "Liedertafel" Weisenheim am Sand auf dem Ludwigshain-.

The three "Liedertafel" choirs invite you to an entertaining song evening on Sunday, 10 July at 5.00 pm. This will take place on the "Ludwigshain" outdoor seating area and will be musically supported by the Weisenheim duo "Two4You". After almost 30 months of Corona break, this will finally be the first public performance of the choirs again. Sufficient chilled drinks and a small snack will be provided.

In addition, the "Liedertafel" is organising a transport service to the festival site.

If you are interested in this service, please contact the Stork family (Tel: 06353-2683) by 8 July.

Admission is free! 


  • So 17:00 Uhr

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