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Verein "Von-Busch-Hof Konzertant" invites you to a piano recital under the motto "When Do We Dance?" with pianist Lise de la Salle!

For all her fans among our visitors, this announcement will cause great joy, because after her last performance in 2018, she won over the Freinsheim audience. Back then, the unforgettable Roland Happersberger wrote in the "Rheinpfalz": "She was cheered by the audience for her colourful, virtuoso, nuanced and powerful playing!" It is no coincidence that the international music world is at her feet, as can be seen from her performance dates in April-May 2022 alone: Tokyo, Michigan and New York - and Freinsheim. Happy Freinsheim!
The concert will take place on Sunday, 15.05.2022, 5.30 p.m., in the Von-Busch-Hof and will include dances that lead through the world. Among others, Ravel represents France, the soul of the East is represented by Bartók and Rachmaninov, Spain finds its representative in de Falla, Piazzolla represents Latin America and Gershwin stands for America, among others. A rich musical world of sound will be heard in the literal sense. You can look forward to Lise de la Salle!
Admission to the concert is subject to the then valid provisions of the Corona Regulations of Rhineland-Palatinate.
For their own safety, we ask our guests to wear a mask upon entry and during the concert.
You will find any updates on our homepage: http://vbh-konzertant.de
The entrance fee is € 21,00 for adults and € 6,00 for pupils and students.
Admission is 1 hour before the start of the concert.
Please make ticket purchases with seat reservations beforehand via our homepage http://vbh-konzertant.de.
Alternatively, it is also possible to purchase tickets with payment by bank card via the Tourist Information i-Punkt of the Freinsheim Municipality.
Remaining tickets are available at the concert box office, surcharge 2,00 €.


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Von-Busch-Hof 5, 67251 Freinsheim



Von-Busch-Hof 5, 67251 Freinsheim