Herxheim Strawberry Market

Herxheim bei Landau

Herxheim strawberries: freshly harvested, juicy, sweet... simply delicious!


Sunday, 30 May 2021 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Everything revolves around the fresh summer fruit at the Herxheim Strawberry Market. From 11 a.m. onwards, visitors can enjoy a stroll under the trees in the Villa Wieser Park and taste freshly baked strawberry cakes. Local strawberry farmers Trauth and Zirkerhof bring the freshly harvested fruit to the counter, whether in a basket or in milkshakes, bowls of strawberries with a cream topping, in the form of jam or as a chocolate strawberry skewer. The culinary delights range from strawberry cake to tarte flambée and hearty delicacies, presented by local associations and farmers. In the beautiful park setting, the Winzersecco with fresh strawberries from the local winegrower Anton tastes exceptionally good.


At the market stalls you can admire and buy handicrafts, including felt work, jewellery, handmade paper and postcards, hand-sewn bags, blankets and cushions with refreshing strawberry motifs, ceramics, art made from paper mâché, as well as teas, honey and fresh herbs.


The Herxheim art school showcases works of art on pillars and pedestals and offers an insight into the studio and art courses. People of all ages can put their balancing skills to the test on stretched slacklines. You can also get involved in face painting and boules.


The market ends at 6 p.m.


Visitors are very welcome. If you feel like it, you can dress in the colours of the strawberry market: white, red and green.


Frau Jutta Hartmann


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