katholische Kirche St. Stephanus


katholische Kirche St. Stephanus

katholische Kirche St. Stephanus
Kirchstraße 22
76857 Albersweiler

Phone : 0049 6346 9895680


Until 1841, both denominations used the medieval mountain church in Albersweiler. However, as there were repeated disputes about the use of the church, the local council decided to demolish the mountain church and build two new churches in Albersweiler. In 1846, construction work on the Catholic church was completed according to plans by August Voit, the Bavarian building inspector for the Palatinate. As the building site had formerly been part of a French fortification on the Queich line, the ground subsided and the choir soon had to be renewed. The original pulpit, baptismal font and organ are still preserved.

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