Weingut Struppler


Weinkontor Strupler

Weinkontor Strupler
Hauptstr. 14a
67482 Freimersheim

Phone : (0049) 63478274
Fax : (0049) 6347919991


Here in the Gäu, somewhat off the wine route, where the soils of the glacial loess deposits at the edge of the Rhine rift valley, which are so excellently suited for viticulture, flow into the alluvial soils of the Rhine plain, which are predestined for agriculture, our farm, like all the surrounding ones, stands in the tradition of a mixed agriculture. In addition to viticulture, regular home slaughtering and the cultivation of our own fruit and vegetables were part of everyday farming life two generations ago. Unfortunately, such forms of farming are no longer economically viable today. In order to be able to continue this tradition, we cooperate today with producers of surrounding villages. So we can still present you every autumn, during the harvest season, in the farm store and at our street stalls, in addition to our wines, the varied seasonal offer of a traditional Palatinate agriculture.

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