Weingut Stern


Weingut Stern

Weingut Stern
Hauptstraße 199
76879 Hochstadt

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Calcareous, varied and sandy loess loam soils characterize our vineyards around Hochstadt.

The main varieties grown are Burgundy varieties such as White Burgundy, Grey Burgundy, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, St. Laurent and Riesling. Sauvignon Blanc, Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Kerner, Dornfelder, Blauer Portugieser, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Gewürztraminer are also cultivated. We attach particular importance to environmentally friendly and quality-conscious work in the vineyard, in keeping with our motto

Less is often more!

During the vegetation period, the vine is reduced by a multiple of its normal hanging, which considerably enhances the quality of the grapes and the later wine. This can only be achieved by careful manual work in the vineyard - starting in winter, by very short, low pruning of the vines, subsequent removal of double shoots during budding, as well as halving and stripping the grapes by hand, which prevents rotting. During the ripening process, thinning out follows (unripe and damaged grapes are cut to the ground), the so-called green harvest.

Our soil is the basis for our wines, therefore we do not use artificial nitrogen fertilizers. We create a very fertile and healthy soil (deep-rooted plants, legumes) as well as habitat for bees (buckwheat and phacelia) and other animals through a variety of greenery. For pest control we use environmentally friendly sexual attractants (pheromones).

In the wine cellar tradition and technology are combined. Gentle processing of grapes, must and wines is our priority. Controlled fermentation (partly spontaneous) of our musts allows the varietal, typical aroma to develop.

Subsequently, the wines get their individual, fruity and varietal taste through a gentle ageing process and long yeast storage. We do without great technology and treatment materials, because quality is created in the vineyard! The results are elegant, fresh, individual, complex and expressive white wines of the highest quality.

Our red wines are produced exclusively through traditional maceration. Here, the red wine mash is "mixed" daily - the pomace cap is moved downwards through repeated poking - so that the necessary colourings and tannins are slowly released from the grape skin into the young wine. Then all red wines mature in oak barrels.

The highest quality ones up to 18 months in new, small 225 litre barriques.


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