Weingut Gschwindt


Weingut Geschwindt

Weingut Geschwindt
Hauptstr. 105
67482 Böbingen

Phone : (0049) 63273506


Our vineyards are located in the "Tuscany of Germany", between Haardt and Rhine, one of the sunniest and therefore for the grapes optimal locations of the Southern Wine Route. The Gschwindt's have been connected to viticulture and wine for generations - in addition to winemakers, coopers and coopers can be found in our family chronicle.
...the proof of the pudding is in the eating ...
For groups of up to 35 people, our cozy wine tasting room is available for visitors to taste our wines in peace and quiet in dignified surroundings. Thereby we are at your disposal with expert advice to impart interesting (and also entertaining) information about the wine, the winery and the Palatinate.
Our request to you: We would be grateful for a short registration by telephone.

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