Herxheim bei Landau

Verein Südliche Weinstrassse Herxheim e.V.

Verein Südliche Weinstrassse Herxheim e.V.
Obere Hauptstr. 2
76863 Herxhiem

Phone : (0049) 7276 501107
Fax : (0049) 7276 501250


The forest chapel, formerly known as the "Candeler Kapell", was built around 1850 by the families Jakob Gauly and Franz Rippon. However, it was consecrated only 13 years later, in 1863, when it was furnished with an altar by Gottfried Renn. The famous church painter and restorer Otto Schultz took over the church painting in 1951, the last renovation took place in 1985/86.


Altar with vesper picture/pietà; painted by Otto Schultz. Back wall: decorative painting, depiction of the cross with stylized loincloth; front of the altar block: the altar sacrament as a source of grace.

Address: Intersection St. Christophorus-Straße / Luitpoldstraße

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