Gemeinde Rinnthal

Gemeinde Rinnthal
Bahnhofstraße 4
76857 Rinnthal



Forest, Water and Mills - this are the themes of Rinnthal. A vast area of forest belongs to Rinnthal. Small rivers and unspoiled sources can be found. Water is also necessary for the Trift, a kind of rafting wood out of the forest down to the valleys. Today machines do the work, but up to the 18th century "triften" was an important trade. The wood was transported to Annweiler and Landau to build houses and fortresses. Every year in the end of June there is the Triftfest showing this old trade and enjoying nature. And also the mills have a long tradition in Rinnthal, for example the mill for grinding grain.

Hiking and biking are good leisure activies, which you can do in Rinnthal. The Queichtalradweg leads to the river Rhine, there are mountainbike trails and interesting hiking routes through the Biosphere Reserve Palatinate Forest - Vosgue du Nord. You see red sandstone rocks, which are typical for the hole region. And you can walk on the traces of the romans, an old roman street followed the Queich Valley.

Interesting sights are not far away, for example the shoe city Hauenstein and the famous castle Trifels up to Annweiler. You can also visit the "Haus der Nachhaltigkeit" (house of sustainability) at Johanniskreuz or the "Dynamikum" (sience center) in Pirmasens.

On the 2nd weekend in August is celebrated the Hädsturrekerwe Rinnthal. The term is derived from the flowering in the forest heath, whose stems are stubborn and can not be bent. So Häd is equal to heath and Sturre are the stems - hence the name.

For more information visit www.rinnthal.de.

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