Landau in der Pfalz

Büro für Tourismus Landau

Büro für Tourismus Landau
Marktstraße 50
(im Rathaus - Zimmer Nr. 1)
76829 Landau

Phone : (0049) 6341 13 8310
Fax : (0049) 6341 13 8309


After the great city fire of 1689, the town hall square was laid out as the arms and parade square. In the years that followed, the square underwent many name changes: in 1794 it was renamed Place de l' Egalité, in 1816 Paradeplatz, in 1824 Max-Josef-Platz and since 1945 Rathausplatz. In the centre of the square is the equestrian statue of Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria (1892). Rathausplatz is the heart of the city and is very busy and popular with many surrounding cafés, restaurants and shops.

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