Gemeinde Pleisweiler-Oberhofen

Gemeinde Pleisweiler-Oberhofen
76889 Pleisweiler-Oberhofen


Welcome to the Nonnensuseldorf !
The heroine from the local novel by August Becker stands for civil courage, strength of will and an unusual woman in those times. You will encounter the Nonnensusel at many places in and around the village: As a signpost when hiking, namesake of wine, wine festival and, and....
The Southern Palatinate stands for holidays, forest, hiking and wine. A reputation that Pleisweiler-Oberhofen more than lives up to. In the very south of the Palatinate, directly on the Southern Wine Route (the Wine Route runs right through Pleisweiler), on the edge of the Palatinate Forest and only a few minutes away from Alsace, our double village lies in the middle of the sea of vines of the Bad Bergzabern region. Explore nature on our hiking trails, let your eyes wander far over the Rhine plain, stroll through the tranquil alleys where wineries invite you to taste their wines and where you will be spoiled in fine restaurants and rustic wine taverns. Pleisweiler-Oberhofen has 800 inhabitants today. We belong to the type of people who are probably described as typical Palatines: Earthy people who cultivate viticulture in the tradition of their ancestors. And as we know, where wine grows, hospitality, the joy of enjoyment and the pleasure of celebrating traditional wine festivals are also at home. So for our guests promising prospects of eventful and delicious vacations.

Sights: historical armorial smithy from the 16th century, baroque church, stained-glass windows by Ada Isensee in the Protestant church, hist. Half-timbered houses.
Leisure: hiking and biking trails, sports field, tennis courts, wine taverns, wine tasting.
Festivals: Kerwe on the 1st weekend in September, Federweißen festival on the 2nd weekend in October.
Transportation: B 48 (German Wine Route), nearest train station Bad Bergzabern (1.5 km), bus line Landau-Schweigen-Wissembourg.

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