Honigmanufaktur Hoffmann



Through great interest in nature and also in honey, I have decided to belong to the beekeeping association Kandel and the one-year bee course Rhineland-Palatinate 2016. The organic certification includes annual controls for the Bioland beekeeping e.g. attitude as well as treatment of the bees, feed etc.. Beekeeping holds many fascinating and fantastic experiences with bees and a direct connection to nature. An example: When nature blooms and smells wonderful, this scent is equally found in the bees in the hive. In spring and summer, my bees collect blossom honey in Venningen, acacia honey in the Albersweiler area and sweet chestnut honey in the Wernersberg area. In 2020, I will move into canola with my bees for the first time. Keeping bees is a great challenge and incredibly fun.

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