Wetland biotope on the Kolchenbach


Ortsgemeinde Birkweiler

Ortsgemeinde Birkweiler
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The wetland biotope along the Kolchenbach resembles a small jungle due to the unhindered and uncontrolled growth of the trees and bushes and its resulting wild, unkempt appearance. Due to the year-round humidity and the therefore increased nutrient content in the area, the wetland biotope is an optimal and important habitat for plants, insects, birds and other animals.

The non-intervention and predominant absence of people additionally favors the development of this wealth of flora and fauna. Here you will find a diverse vegetation of (black) alders, silver poplars, willows and wild pear and plum trees. On the sunny edge of the wet biotope grow reed and sour grasses, rush and sedge plants, Easter candles, but also willow herbs and marsh yolk flowers.

Smaller creatures such as toads, newts, dragonflies and many other insects live here on the kolchenbach, which is not always water-bearing. But wild boars also often stay in the wetland biotope during the day in summer, which protects them from the heat

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