Eschbacher Eselei


Ortsgemeinde Eschbach

Ortsgemeinde Eschbach
76831 Eschbach


Anyone who comes to Eschbach for the first time or even just drives through or past it is certainly wounded by the life-size art donkeys that stand in the village. 38 donkeys can be found all over Eschbach - on the street, in squares, in front gardens and in courtyards. But no two are the same here! Each donkey is individual, designed with a lot of imagination by small and large hands, sponsored by private individuals, companies or associations and of course everyone has a name!
But why all the donkeys? In the Palatinate there are numerous nicknames or nicknames for the inhabitants of the neighboring villages - in the past certainly used to annoy the neighbors, today the nicknames are used rather lovingly and even the villagers themselves now seem to proudly bear their nicknames. So also the Eschbacher donkeys!

The name probably goes back to the noble owners of the Madenburg in the 15th century. The nobles, the so-called "society with the donkey", not only use donkeys as farm animals and pack animals, but also competed on donkeys instead of horses. Without further ado, the subjects, the villagers of Eschbach, became the "donkeys".

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