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Südliche Weinstraße Landau-Land

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The chestnut bush is oriented south-southeast, is located in a natural basin and is protected by the Palatinate Forest from westerly winds.

The vineyard is one of the most famous on the Southern Wine Route. The peculiarity of the location is the unique floor structure. In some parts of the chestnut bush, for example, the soil is characterized by bunter sandstone weathering products with limescale deposits underground, ideal conditions for Burgundy. Likewise, there is also sandy loam and soils with red slate ("Rotliegendes"), which can only be found here in the chestnut bush in the Palatinate.

The name "Kastanienbusch" (in the Palatinate "Keschdebusch") comes from the numerous chestnut trees, which thrive splendidly in the Palatinate Forest directly adjacent to the vineyard. The vineyard is the scene of the wine festival "Birkweiler Weinfrühling" every year at Pentecost. Distributed in the chestnut bush, the Birkweiler wine lovers offer wines and culinary delights. In 2012, the Birkweiler Wine Spring was voted the most beautiful wine festival in the Palatinate.

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