Ausgrabung Klosterkirche Albersweiler-St.Johann


Schloßbergstraße 20
76857 Albersweiler


The excavation at the old cemetery in St. Johann is a journey back in time. Finds from Roman times already point to a building: a Roman villa with farm buildings stood here. A church was first mentioned on this site in 991 in a document of the Weißenburg monastery. The small church was replaced in the 10th century by a larger sacred building, which was significantly enlarged again in the 13th century and then served as a monastery church. In the 13th century, a Reuerinnen monastery was founded in the castle opposite, which lasted for about 300 years. In the 17th century there were alterations in the Baroque style. In 1843, the church, which had become dilapidated in the meantime, was demolished.

Further information can be found at Kuladig.

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