When Sophisticated Designs Meet Noble Wines…

Vinothek “Par Terre” – More than Just a Wine Store

"Wine is art is wine"
At the PAR TERRE vinotheque in Landau, designer Michael Michalsky has reinvented wine tasting. "Wine is a work of art, so I present it that way!" is his motto. It's young, fresh and unusual, just like the wines of the Southern Wine Route.

Vinothek Par Terre – More than Just a Wine Store

A “Vinothek” is not simply a wine store. These establishments are firmly rooted in Germany’s wine culture and merge a high-class wine merchant, bar, tasting room and event location in one place. Par Terre is a one-of-a-kind vinothek on the Southern Wine Route that was designed by one of Germany’s most influential and famous fashion designers, Michael Michalsky. Alongside his work as a couturier in the high fashion sector, he has also created numerous interior design projects and developed a very successful homeliving collection.

The grand opening was celebrated on June 5, 2014 in the presence of press and tourism representatives. Michalsky redesigned the building, a former military barrack. As the hub of Southern Palatinate’s magnificent wine culture, it now offers excellent local wines from the Wine Route and invites wine lovers to come in and enjoy them. In conjunction with the 2015 State Horticultural Show (Landesgartenschau), visitors will experience a well-balanced mix of wine, enjoyment, art, and culture.
“The Southern Wine Route ranks amongst the most innovative wine-growing regions in Germany. For this reason, we aimed to not only present fantastic top-shelf wines, but also combine them with exciting and exceptional ideas. The vinothek, the building, the ambiance, the name, and especially Michael Michalsky’s design clearly meet this goal. I am excited that we’re always able to set new standards – with our wines as well as their presentation,” says district administrator Theresia Riedmaier.
Mayor Hans Dieter Schlimmer adds, “The quality of our wines comes together with Michael Michalsky’s design quality – an unbeatable combination! All wonderful for our city as well as our region.”

Vinothek Par Terre - Michalsky
Außenansicht Vinothek Par Terre

When Sophisticated Designs Meet Noble Wines

“A fine wine is like art. Every nuance is crucial, and every detail plays a specific part. Only the perfect symphony of all taste elements yields a superb wine. That is why we display our wines like art.” – Michael Michalsky

This principle laid the foundation for the conceptual design of the former military barrack’s interior. Many natural materials were used here: the floor, made of traditional, light oak parquet, inlaid with 55 original barrel heads, fuses modern design with local wine culture.
Warm color hues combined with the building’s industrial charm lend the vinothek its unique character. The wide, floor-length windows create a loft-like atmosphere and frame a panoramic view over the surroundings. The noble wines are poured at a freestanding bar, and can also be sampled there. Those who prefer to be more comfortable can relax on a classy Michalsky sofa or choose one of the other exclusive seating options.

A Meaningful Name

“The name Par Terre pays tribute to the excellent soils of the area. Good wine is predicated on good soil – as well as a profound knowledge of wine growing, vines, and nature. That is why I exhibit the store’s wine like art in a gallery.” – Michael Michalsky

Par Terre was chosen after much thought. Translated from French, it means “on the soil,” and the intention behind it is to honor nature. After all, it is the extremely fertile soils of the area that ensure successful wine cultivation. These soils connect adjacent wine growers and are the foundation for the production of top-shelf wines. Craftsmanship, handed-down expertise, and countless hours of sunshine also factor in.
Find more information on Par Terre’s website at www.par-terre.de [German only]

The Pantheon in the Vinothek presents wines from the vintners
The Pantheon in the Vinothek presents wines from the vintners


Vinotheque Par Terre

Mail: info@par-terre.de

Tel.: +49 6341 969089-0 


How to find us

Vinothek Südliche Weinstraße
Landau GmbH

Georg-Friedrich-Dentzel-Straße 11
76829 Landau in der Pfalz

You can find us by entering Eutzingerstraße in your navigation system. There is public parking at the end of the street and you can reach us on foot via the small bridge.

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