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The Southern Palatinate is a perfect place to visit

The region is home to an impressively varied and rich cuisine as well as to our locals, who are known for loving great food and superb drinks.

This is no secret to tourists – and everyone likes to take an active part in the fun. It does not matter whether you sit at a rustic table or in a fine dining room, whether you are served our traditional Flääschknepp meatballs in horseradish sauce with a glass of crisp Riesling or a gourmet plate of stuffed quail bathed in chestnut honey and rosemary paired with slightly sweet, high-end Gewürztraminer. The locals value both equally – as long as it is all good, of course.

Come and enjoy the Southern Wine Route's best!

Gesellige Runde
Grandma's kitchen is still alive.
Grandma's kitchen is still alive.

Grandma's kitchen is still alive


With so many international culinary influences, it almost seems like a miracle that the cherished cooking traditions have survived in the thriving Palatinate. Although our locals have always derived their inspiration from peeking into the pots and pans of others, this has ultimately benefitted our regional cuisine tremendously. The recipes of our traditional Palatine kitchen have been preserved and perfected over the years, which means that Grandma’s kitchen is still alive – and in full swing every season.

For the Palatine gourmet, however, the year kicks off at the end of April, when the first spears of asparagus are cut. Autumn is another peak, when the game season opens and new wine is put into the barrels. The traditional and popular dishes with their exceptional quality let you sense the love for food which characterises the Palatinate.

Our best comes from our own fields


Our best comes from our own fields and production. Here you can find a cornucopia of local goods in farm shops, farmers markets, bakeries, and butcher shops. Our product types and flavours are abundant and varying according to season and clientele.

While things are negotiated and weighed, countless cooking tips are swapped over the counter. No matter where you are, everyone brings their extensive expertise and passionate dedication to the table. These places are truly worthy of being called local sources. Here, producers stand by their goods – food that you can trust. Everyone wants to take it home or share it with family and friends.


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