The Palatine Premium Distillers

Southern Wine Route

The Palatinate is known for its wines. The fact that it is also home to excellent brandies has only recently made its way through the grapevines. The Palatine Premium Distillers have made it their goal to distill high-end premium brandies from the best regional fruits.

The secret to distilling these top-shelf brandies lies in a patient and therefore more extensive approach. The distillation method used by the experts guarantees authentic products and avoids the need for artificial aromas and other additives.




Destillerie Peter

Important Side Benefit: Preservation of Meadow Orchards

One side benefit of their deliberate choice to grow high-quality fruit is that the Palatine Distillers contribute greatly to nature conservation. They cultivate truly unique meadow orchards, which are also characteristic of the Southern Wine Route's landscape.

By the way, fruit spirits and fruit brandies are best enjoyed at 15 to 18°C. Such distillates should not be served chilled if their aroma is their foremost characteristic. If the beverage is too cold, brandy aficionados enjoy only a fraction of the original aromas – a sacrilege for premium brandies!

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