Cabbage and Beets

Competition Topic 2018 So schmeckt die Südpfalz

The cold season

Many of our native crucifer and umbellate plants bring exquisite shoot and beet varieties to the table. Thick, heat-storing tubers become what we call "feel-good meals" in winter. But also the raw shoots are not to be sneezed at as they bring fresh influences into the old-established and rustic kitchen. The oily seeds of celery and caraway combine perfectly and refine dishes with their essential aromas; cabbage and turnips are a perfect pair.


Pfälzer Möhren

Pfälzer Kohlrabi

Back to the roots

Winter vegetables have always made life easier for humans. During the frosty winter months, when it wasn't easy to eat food that was palatable and rich in nutrients, cabbage and turnips became a real blessing. Early gourmets found out how to preserve and store these friendly winter vegetables until the first green shoots sprouted in spring. This year we dedicate the regional competition to our hardy friends.


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