Active, Relaxed and Happy - Vitality and Quality of Life on the Southern Wine Route

Exercise for the body, relaxation for the mind and beauty for the soul - the Southern Wine Route region of pleasure not only delights visitors with its excellent wines, regional and varied cuisine, picturesque villages and diverse natural beauty. Well-being is also catered for: whether it's yoga in the Palatinate Forest, detoxing on a fasting hike or floating in the thermal waters, the Southern Wine Route has something for everyone.

Wellness Hotels

Mindfulness, relaxation and prevention - these are today's buzzwords when it comes to health in a society of increasing stress and pressure to perform. Numerous facilities on the Southern Wine Route have dedicated themselves to these topics and help those seeking relaxation and those suffering from stress to be mindful of their body and mind. The region with the most hours of sunshine in Germany also offers other natural treasures such as rich thermal water or the healing power of grapes - nature is the basis of the methods and a proven partner for long-term well-being. The wellness hotels along the Southern Wine Route invite you to relax and unwind.

Wellness im Wohlfühlhotel Alte Rebschule
Therme Bad Bergzabern

Thermal Baths & Salt Caves

Find the Sea in the Southern Palatinate

The Südpfalz Therme in Bad Bergzabern invites you to relax and recharge your batteries in the warm thermal water. The water, which comes into the pools from a depth of 450 metres, is between 30 and 32°C and pampers and relaxes the whole body. Thanks to its special mineral composition (sodium chloride thermal water), the thermal water promises relief for rheumatic complaints, osteoporosis and all diseases of the joints and spine. In addition, various saunas run hot for guests, who can cool down afterwards with Kneipp hoses, ice fountains or under the experience shower. The extensive spa landscape includes a stylish sauna roof garden, a professional health area, a Dead Sea salt grotto as well as a wellness area and relaxation oases. The massages and treatments on offer in the wellness and spa department also promise to provide you with the perfect treatment.

The positive effects of salt have been known for thousands of years, particularly for allergies, respiratory and skin diseases. However, the healing mineral is also used to treat stress and exhaustion as well as cardiovascular diseases. In the salt caves of the Südpfalz-Therme in Bad Bergzabern, the Maikammer sports park and the REHA health park in Herxheim, visitors can take a seat on cosy loungers and sit back and relax with a pleasant room climate, gentle sounds and calming light arrangements. A stay of at least 45 minutes is recommended in order to absorb the iodine-rich air in sufficient quantities through breathing. With every breath, the body processes the important minerals and benefits from the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory climate.

Freizeitbad La Ola

Landau in der Pfalz

REHA med Gesundheitspark

Herxheim bei Landau This house is a very modern facility with the…


Maikammer "Giving time off, alleviating discomfort."

Südpfalz-Therme spa

Bad Bergzabern In the most southern part of the Palatinate, nestled…

The Healing Power of Vinegar

The Doktorenhof Wine Vinegar Estate in Venningen

Most people reach for vinegar when it comes to culinary delights in the kitchen and only a few realise its healing properties. Vinegar works wonders for respiratory diseases and digestive problems in particular.

The Doktorenhof wine vinegar estate in Venningen is a small manufactory of "sour elixirs" and invites visitors to learn more about the mystery of sour art on a guided tour of the vinegar cellar and herb chamber. In addition to fine wine vinegar for the kitchen, vinegars for the body also mature in the hundred-year-old barrels. For example, the in-house "Traveller Vinegar" helps travellers to tolerate foreign food, the stresses of travel and the change in climate, as well as refreshing the mouth and mucous membranes. The "Respiratio" inhalation vinegar - a vinegar specially developed for nebulisation - has a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases. As early as the 17th century, people knew about the beneficial properties of vinegar vapours - they humidify the air and contribute to the well-being of the respiratory tract.

Doktorenhof Venningen

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