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Rheinland-pfälzisches Storchenzentrum - Aktion PfalzStorch e.V.

Rheinland-pfälzisches Storchenzentrum - Aktion PfalzStorch e.V.
Kirchstr. 1
76879 Bornheim

Phone : (0049) 6348 610757


The premises of the Rhineland-Palatinate Stork Centre can be used for many different activities and projects. In addition to a changing programme of exhibitions, the Stork Centre also has other functions:

We are an information centre!

With its permanent exhibition, the Stork Centre offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to grapple with various topics pertaining to the stork and its habitat at interactive stations.
From mid-March until the end of August, entertaining guided tours will take place every Wednesday, moving from the stork nests to the stork nursing station.

We are a Sustainability Learning Centre.

In our environmental education area, adult groups, families, children and entire school classes can learn about the stork and its habitat in many activities, workshops and excursions in a playful, creative or exploratory manner. There is no room for boredom here – you can ask questions, try your hand and explore.
In addition, we offer interesting and sustainable holiday and leisure programmes for nursery and school children.
The environmental education institution, recognised as a Sustainability Learning Centre, has excellent equipment and literature for a wide range of activities, such as bird watching, identification exercises for plants and animals of the meadow and water studies, which can be borrowed by visitors or bought in our museum shop.

We are a documentation centre.

All reports and data concerning Rhineland-Palatinate storks are stored here in a database and scientifically evaluated. They are made accessible to visitors and interested parties in the form of a nest map.

Current information and our annual programme can be found on our homepage:

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