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The origin of the name Kredenburg is disputed. It probably goes back to Toad (Toad Castle). This is justified by the fact that numerous toads are said to have romped in the surrounding moat. Other name derivations go back to "Margerethenburg": A Margarethe von Dalheim resided in the castle in the 16th century, she was the wife of the lord of the castle Viax von Oberstein.

The castle was first mentioned in 1318 "an dem slosse". Remains of the castle are located at Hartmann Street No. 79-82 and are used as residential buildings today. The castle was owned by the Oberstein family for a long time. Viax von Oberstein erected a building on the site in 1548 (see the picture of the coat of arms stone with the inscription ICH VIAX V. OB(ER)STEIN MACHT(E) DEN BAW / AN(N)O D(OMINI) 1548). The von Oberstein family came from Bosselstein Castle in Idar-Oberstein. The building photographs from 1764, which are in the regional archives in Speyer, show a rectangular complex with a side length of 26 to 30 meters. From this complex, a bridge crossed the moat.

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