Neuscharfeneck Castle ruins


Burgruine Neuscharfeneck

Burgruine Neuscharfeneck
76855 Dernbach


Please note: The castle ruines are closed until further notice

One of the most impressive castle complexes in the Palatinate. Neuscharfeneck was extended in the 15th century by Elector Friedrich I. The mighty shield wall, boasting a magnificent panoramic view over the Palatinate Forest and the Rhine Valley, is particularly impressive. The castle burned down during the Peasants' War, was renovated again around 1530, before falling into ruins during the Thirty Years' War. Today, the Scharfeneckverein ("Scharfeneck Association") maintains the castle and offers regular guided tours.

From Landau, take the B 10 road in the direction of Annweiler. Exit Dernbach / Ramberg. At the Dernbach exit, there is a car park for hikers right on the street. From there, follow the red and white markings of the PWV (Palatinate Forest Club) or the Palatinate Wine Trail uphill towards Dernbach Haus and Landauer Hütte, then continue on the Palatinate Wine Trail ("Pfälzer Weinsteig") to the Neuscharfeneck ruins. The hike takes approx. 3/4–1 hour. Alternatively, you can continue to the forest car park Drei Buchen behind Ramberg, and follow the signs for the Palatinate Wine Trail ("Pfälzer Weinsteig"), which takes about 3/4–1 hour to get to the castle ruins.

The castle cannot be reached by car.

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