Lindelbrunn Castle ruins


Burgruine Lindelbrunn

Burgruine Lindelbrunn
76889 Vorderweidenthal


Lindelbrunn is a medieval castle ruin about 3 km from Vorderweidenthal in the district of Südliche Weinstraße (Rhineland-Palatinate) between Bad Bergzabern and Pirmasens.

The rock castle sits at an altitude of 440 metres on a hilltop. At the foot of the hill, there is a forester's lodge and a restaurant, the Cramerhaus, formerly part of the Palatinate Forest Club. From Lindelbrunn forester's house, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk up to the ruins. In good weather, you have a sweeping 360-degree panoramic view ( of the Trifels, for example).

It is believed that the name of the castle is derived from the castle fountain, where a large flowering lime tree once stood.

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