Your all inclusive guest card

With the Pfalzcard, the new guest card for the region, as a guest in the Palatinate from April 2018 onwards, you will receive more than 100 adventure programmes - free of charge from all Palatinate hosts! With the premium card in the check card format, not only buses and regional trains can be used free of charge in the entire area of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar, but also a variety of free time activities such as: castles and fortifications, family events such as at the SEA LIFE in Speyer or the Dynamikum in Pirmasens, museums and exhibitions, wine tastings, guided tours and cultural programmes, swimming pools and golf courses.

Crown your Palatinate holiday with the Pfalzcard - by choosing your accommodation with one of the participating hosts - and you will automatically receive your personal Pfalzcard for the duration of your stay when checking in. The Pfalzcard cannot be bought; it is only distributed to guests in participating accommodation companies (hotels, apartments, guesthouses, youth hostels) and is only valid for the guests during the period of stay.




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