Annweilerer Burgenweg

The tour starts in Annweiler am Trifels and leads you to the three castles Trifels, Anebos and Münz. The lenght of the tour is 7,5 kilometers, therefore it is also suitable for families. First the wide and narrow paths climb up to the ruin Münz, through the palatinate forest. The path leading to the ruin Anebos and the castle Trifels are lined by some amazing rockformations. After you visited the castle you follow the path downhill until you return to Annweiler. 

7,7 km
2:30 h
397 m
397 m
Wanderparkplatz an den Kuranlagen, Annweiler am Trifels
Wanderparkplatz an den Kuranlagen, Annweiler am Trifels


Route description

We start at the parking site near the spa grounds and follow the signs with the castle logo. These trail markers will show us the way to the three castles and then back to Annweiler. Along both wide and narrow paths we climb up the slopes of the Bindersbacher valley through a deciduous forest, until we reach the parking site of Windhof. From here the trail leads in switchbacks further uphill, past a lookout point looking over the ruins of Scharfenberg, also called the Münz, with its high castle keep. The climb is now finished and from now on it only goes slightly up and down. From the Castle Scharfenberg (Münz), the trail leads us past a huge sandstone massif downhill. Having reached a pretty resting place, we turn left and climb onto a small path leading to ruins of Anebos. There is very little left of the castle, however the views of the castles of Scharfenberg (Münz) and Trifels are great. Turning clockwise around the hill summit, the trail marker brings us back down to a resting place at the foot of the rock walls. There we turn left and soon come to the "Schlossäcker" below the Trifels with its large parking site, restaurant and kiosk. There then follows another short, but well signposted ascent and we reach the, unfortunately not historically reconstructed, imperial castle of Trifels . This castle was the favourite castle of the Emperor Barbarossa, the depository of the imperial regalia and where the English king Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned. A replica of the crown, orb and sceptre can still be seen in the fortress today. Back at the car park, we turn left at an information board down a few steps and then along pleasant forest paths down to our starting point, the parking site at the spa grounds.

Burg Trifels (Dirk Weber)
Logo für Rücksicht und Naturschutz ()
Trifelsblick ()
Logo Annweilerer Burgenweg (Anita Ballweber)
Ruine Scharfenberg (Münz) (Dirk Weber)
Blick von der Ruine Anebos Richtung Trifels (Dirk Weber)
Burg Trifels (Christian Ernst)
Blick auf die Burgdreifaltigkeit (TIZIE)
Der Trifels in der Winterzeit (Christian Gamio)
Burg Trifels (Axel Brachat)
vom Kurpark zum Windhof (Dirk Weber)
vom Windhof zur Münz (Dirk Weber)
Aussichtspunkt unterhalb der Ruine Scharfenberg (Dirk Weber)
Blick von der Ruine Scharfenberg (Dirk Weber)
an den Fensterfelsen (Dirk Weber)
Buntsandsteinfelsen (Dirk Weber)


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